This website will be moving to a new address soon, please make note:  “wamsolympia.com”.

The Christmas/Holiday party was CANCELLED due to concerns about covid and other communicable diseases of the season.  This would have been our next meeting on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at 6:00 pm (not our usual 7:00 pm start time).  

As it stands, our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023 to ring in the new year!  Bring your rocks for show and tell.  This meeting will be at the normal time, 7-9 pm, at the Lacey Baptist Church.  See below for address.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in rocks and minerals.  Visitors and anyone of all ages are welcome to club meetings!  Regular meetings are the first Tuesday of the month in the First Baptist Church of Lacey at College St. and 22nd (Address:  4705 22nd Ave SE, Lacey, WA 98503, see directions below).  Meeting time is 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (except the first Tuesday of August when the meeting is a potluck picnic at Squaxin, formerly Priest point park in Olympia).

Club meetings include demonstrations and informative presentations on rock and minerals, a silent auction and a “show-and-tell” segment for members to exhibit their favorite rocks and lapidary work. WAMS members can attend rock collecting fields trip sponsored by the Washington State Mineral Council.

WAMS also puts on an Annual Rock, Gem, Fossil and Mineral Show in Tenino, WA during July.

WAMS is affiliated with the Washington state mineral council and The Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

Directions to First Baptist Church in Lacey

  • Take I-5 from the north or south to Exit 109 (Martin Way Exit)
  • Head west (right from the north, left from the south) onto Martin Way
  • Turn left onto College St. SE and go 1.45 miles
  • Turn left onto 22nd SE. and go .07 miles
  • Turn right into the Church parking lot

87 responses to “About

  1. I just found out about this club. I have a rather large collection of unknown items. I will try to make it and bring some. I’m mainly looking for knowledge, resources for ID, access to equipment that can handle larger pieces and possibly some of the trips.

  2. I would like to join your club. I can make the nov 1 meeting at 7 PM. I’ll bring $5 to pay for enrollment.

    Is that cool?
    Sandy Skill

  3. I have an approx 7 carat opal set in 14 k gold.
    I am trying to sell, I don’t know where to start.
    I am in Olympia
    I would really love any advice or to be directed to where I could sell this ring.
    Thank you

    • Hello Denise,
      Sounds beautiful! I would suggest ebay or other secure online forums, and maybe there’s a used jewelry site that I don’t know about, or possibly your local “family” jewelry store would have advice. I can ask at a club meeting and you are welcome to attend and ask questions as well. We aren’t usually about buy/sell, just knowledge and education, along with a little trading. Good luck!

  4. ROCK & GEM SHOW: southern Washington mineralogical society’s 56th annual show:
    August 26-27, Fri.-Sat. 10 AM – 5 PM.
    3104 Spirit Lake Hwy Castle Rock, WA
    INFO: 360-751-8031 vickijrocks@msn.com

  5. Thanks Gretchen for letting us know of the Priest Point name change to Squaxin Park.

  6. Michell Leggett

    Congratulations to New Board members .. in April the club members voted in New President Bryan Tallman, Vice president Steve Conjulusa, and Secretary/Treasurer Doug Shank. Dan Debour remains show chair.

  7. Going on our very first Expedition to ********. I know it’s a hike to get there… Any advice for First Timers?? Do you have any field trips planned for late spring, or early summer?? Thank you, for any info you can provide. 🙂

    • Thanks for the question! As general information, we can respond privately about specific sites if club officers have anything to share or if you would like us to discuss at a meeting and get back to you. Otherwise, we encourage you to come to club meetings to discuss questions about specific sites and check our “Field Trips” page for information about the Washington Mineral Council field trips. We are considering a Facebook page for an open discussion forum. Let us know what is most helpful. : ) Gretchen

  8. Douglas: Looks like you are having a great time. Hopefully one of these days we will be able to have an in person meeting so you can share with more of us.


  9. Terry Middlebrook

    I am a total novice to rockhounding but have some interest and time now that I have retired. Just wondering if you’re still meeting on Tuesdays and if it would be ok to attend a meeting?

    • Terry: Thanks for your interest. I just posted a message on our blog concerning the next few meetings. Please read it and hopefully it will answer some of your questions. Once we start having meetings again you would be most welcome to attend.


  10. Hello. I have two rocks I am looking to have cut. Do you have any recommendations of where I can have that done? Thank you.

  11. How do i go about joining the club

  12. Can anybody help me cut an 8 inch long by 5 inch tall thunder egg from cowlitz County..

  13. Hey, I am Interested in joining the club with my kids. Are masks required at meetings currently? Just want to make sure what is needed. Thanks David

  14. Thanks Charlie, my next step should be buying a book on cabochons or polishing specimens, something like that. I was thinking a belt sander either vertical or horizontal could do both slabs and face polish a specimen, but a flat lap might be the best. I have considered the Richardson’s Ranch sander and polisher. I’m not trying to go pro or open a business, I just want to make what I have look really special. Thanks again.


  15. Dear WAMS, what is the best machine to use to sand and polish slabs and display pieces, for instance slabs of picture jasper and Laguna or Coyamito agates for display? Thanks

    • Doug: Slabs can be polished in a number of ways. Some people tumble them if they are not to big, others will hand polish them on a flat piece of glass and different grades of grit. Probable the most common now would be a vibrating or rotating flat lap. There are a number of dealers that have various sizes of flat laps. The biggest issue with slabs on a motorized flat lap is the necessity of weighing them down with something heavy so the grit can work. Some people use lead for the weight and glue the slab to a block of wood to attach the lead to. I have used a Richardson Ranch dry polishing machine, but you have to be careful to keep the slab cool.


  16. I’m a rock and mineral dealer interested in being a part of you show in 2022. Have you set an exact date for the show and what do I need to do to become a vendor?

    • Kurt: Thanks for your enquiry. I don’t think we have started planning for the 2022 show yet. You can contact Dan DeBoer at 866-3940. Dan is our show chairman, and can answer your questions.


  17. How do you join ? Is there an online app? Also do you get to go to exclusive sites , I’m an avid rockhound with Idk 1000 agates + pet wood and jasper and etc all found .I’m looking to meet other rockhounds with other ridiculous spots to share mine with.

    • Jacob: You can join our club by contacting M.J. Heuter. We are currently not holding meetings because of the covid issue. We belong to the Washington Mineral Council and are able to attend any of their collecting trips. Occasionally some of our members also go on unscheduled collecting trips and take others with them, but they may not be to exclusive sites. Keep checking our site to find out when we will be holding another in person meeting.


  18. Do you have any advice about places to look for states or petrified wood in Centralia are or toledo…I’d hope to join tonite but darn it…oh and cancelling meeting was right call


    • Peter: I have found petrified wood in the gravel bars of the Chehalis River, Skookumchuck River and Salmon Creek. Access can be a problem though, since most land owners are reluctant to allow access across their land.

      Hopefully meetings will be able to restart later in the year.


  19. what do I need to do to be setup to receive meeting updates? Glad I checked the msg board 😁

    • Mickie: You can contact M.J. or our President and get your email added to our email list.
      I try to keep the website updated so everyone interested will know what is going on.


  20. Paul J Pickett

    We are moving and have a surplus of rocks collected on WAMS field trips over the years. Could I donate them to WAMS?

  21. Jeff Fitzgerald

    Hello WAMS,
    I’m looking to join a local club that would offer convienant access to a rock shop. I’m most interested in large slab cutting capacity as I have been finding some “big stuff” recently. Do you offer this access for members? I’m also really looking forward to next weekend’s show!

    • Jeff: Some of our club members have rock saws, but I am not sure how big they can cut. My saw only cuts up to 6″ to 8″. Not sure if the Puyallup club has access to larger saws. You might check with them. There is also the Kitsap club and a club in Castle Rock that might have the access you are looking for.


  22. Hello,
    Is there a schedule of events? I excited to attend however, I’m not able to attend all 3 days. The events will help determine the day.
    Thank you,

    • Diana: Sorry but I don’t have a schedule of the events that will be going on during the show. I do know that the demo’s and hands on activities will be held all three days, so you should be able to attend some of the ones you are interested in.


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