Rock Cases

Anyone interested in these cases please call me at 360-259-3063.  Club Members will have first choice.  Click on the “Continue reading” tag to see pictures.

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January Meeting

Our January meeting was held as usual and every one had a great time.  There were lots of great rocks for show and tell.  Chuck even shared a picture of a great way to display rocks outside.  It is called a display post, and here is a picture of it in use:

Display Post

Display your rocks in a unique way.

Come join us at one of our future meetings and enjoy a fun and educational time with fellow rockhounds.


Another Great Show

Dan put on another great show.  We had lots of help for our booth and the dealers seemed to be pleased with their results. Here are some photos:


Demostrators show their stuff.

Rock Show

The inside crowd.

WAMS booth was well staffed.

WAMS booth was well staffed.

Rock Show

Dealers Galore.

Plan on attending next year.






Rock Rondezvous

Have a great time at our annual Rock and Gem Show.

Rock Show coming up.

Check out the following for a heads up about our Rock Show coming up in July.


Rock and Gem Show 2015



Weyerhaeuser closes their lands to rockhounding.

Last year Weyerhaeuser started a permit system for access to most of their lands in  SW Washington.  The permits are required for all access, including walk-ins.

The rules for obtaining a permit now include a statement that prohibits all rockhounding activities including gold panning and gem collecting.


Lost Rockhounding Opportunities

Just wanted to let everyone know that the following locations are closed to rockhounding:

Lucas Creek – Closed for the last few years.

Weyerhaeuser Land – Closed as of August 1st due to new permit process.

Hopefully we will not lose anymore areas.  Remember to treat all lands you hound on with respect.


Successful Show

We just completed another successful show, thanks to Dan, MJ and the rest of the crew.  I hope you were able to visit and enjoy it.

I just added the July and August newsletters to the site.